Sping, 2019

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair

Zanoni Silverknife

  • Tarot, using the Universal Waite Deck

  • Nordic Water Bowl Scrying

  • Runic Divination

  • Past Life Vignettes

  • Light Brushing (Upon Request)

Zanoni can give you clarity, guidance, and answer big life questions with her amazing and quite unique readings.  Starting off with water and flowers, a bit from the back of your hand, reading the runes for cosmic background, and lastly, consulting the cards for day to day issues. 

Co-Founder and First High Priestess of Georgian Wicca:   1971 – Present.  Zanoni was co-progenitor of Georgian Traditional Wicca, which is British Traditional Wicca derived. 

Tangle Tine Runic Studies:  Zanoni teaches the Asatru Runic Studies Path.  Her teacher in Seidhr was Diana Paxson.  This is a 14-month course in the runes, with guided meditations, cultural and artistic pursuits brought to the fore to enliven the lives of those who wish to purse their Nordic heritage.  She may be found on Facebook as Zanoni Silverknife.

NWCOG: Charter Member and Ritualist.  We put on open Rituals for the community wherein many types of Pagan worship were offered so that seekers might find a good fit for him or herself.  Ritualist and Festival Coordinator:  I put on the High Tea and Musicale for Stewart and Janet Farrar, among many other events.  She worked as floral coordinator for events and spiritual advisor to those who sought her out. 

Credentials:  Universal Life Church (ULC), Covenant of the Goddess (COG) and International Assembly of Spiritual Healers  and Earth Stewards Congregations (SHEES)