Sping, 2019

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair


  • Akashic Record Reading

  • Motherpeace Tarot

  • Numerology Charts

  • Energyfield Analysis

  • Palm Reading

  • Energetic Remedies

Yarrow practices Andean based energy work and is a full Mesa carrier.  She offers classes in Energetic Ecology, quarterly year-long Mesa (medicine bundle) and Healership apprenticeships that she has been teaching in her home for 12 years.  She has studied with the indigenous people of Peru, the Q’ero of the high Andes Mountains, medicine people of Cuzco, Peru and the Lake Titicaca region.  Yarrow offers a wide range of energetic healing sessions that are always complimented with education and home practices.  Her training had included Bodytalk, Reiki Mastership, Akashic Records and Crystal Therapy.  Her focus is on transformation and creating a lifestyle that supports well-being and returns us to wholeness.