Sping, 2019

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair

Terri Curtis

Intuitive Tarot Readings- small spread or full deck

What Happens During Your Tarot Reading:
During your reading, you pick a stone from the ones set out on my table. I interpret what the stone can do for you and then you mix the cards, cut them, and then I interpret the energy you put into the cards. I do not just interpret what is on the face of the card. They are just used as a guide for reading your energy and help you visualize what information I give you. After I read the cards if there are any extra messages from your higher self I let you know. If you have a full deck reading and one hour session other tools are given depending on your intuitive read.

At an early age my Irish mother taught me the intuitive reading skills she learned from her mother. I am the fourth generation to use my skills. She also taught me to use these gifts with integrity and honor and to always keep readings confidential.
I  have extended my skills by studying for 2 years, under Judie Brown a licensed hypnotherapist, many courses in subjective communication. This training allows me to help you discover and learn techniques and use tools to help you on your lifelong path.

I also offer Guided Past life regression, Subjective communication training/self discovery, Dream work, Tools for self improvement, Sub personality discovery,and  Journaling for inner healing..