Sping, 2019

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair

Sara Mich

  • Clairvoyant Healing Session

  • Past Life Reading

  • Crystal Ally Card Chakra Reading and Healing

  • Crystal Ally Card Trinity Spread

A Clairvoyant Healing Session is a profound way to gain insight, clarity, validation, and healing.  The goal of this kind of session is to give you both perspective and relief.  It is my intention to have you grounded, neutralized, energized, the reigns in the Spirits hands, and your Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual bodies working in congruency with as much free will intact as we can cover in a session so that you may be walking in freedom and bliss…Living your Truth!  You can expect to cover such topics as:  Cutting the chords of failed or toxic relationships, Clearing karma, Chronic pain or illness, Depression/Anxiety, Healing after a traumatic experience.  Ending old or un-serving patterns, removing any programming, wiring, and conditioning.  Neutralizing any spiritual contracts, agreements getting in the way of your free will.  We will work with many of Sara’s personal team of Spirit Allies and Healing Masters as well as Ascended Masters and Arch Angels.  Update the Arcums, the engine or motors and operating software of the energetic centers, bringing you to the next level of your personal evolution.  Transmute the ego energy into more usable higher frequency energy insuring the Spirits seniority of the space. 

Past Life Reading:

Looking to your past is a great way to gain clarity and perspective to current life situations.  We will work with your Akashic Record Keeper to pull the one past life that will be most serving to you presently and tell you the story.  A past life reading is a wonderful exploration and opportunity to clear any old energy or patterns, balance any karma, or end any spiritual contracts or agreements that no longer serve your highest good.