Spring, 2018

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair


  • Tarot readings using the Thoth Tarot deck

  • Empathic healer and shamanic practitioner

  • Neopagan Priest and cofounder of the Opus Aima Obscurae (OAO) Temple in Missoula

Raven Digitalis (Missoula, MT) is the author of Esoteric Empathy, Shadow Magick Compendium, Planetary Spells & Rituals and Goth Craft. He is a Neopagan Priest and cofounder of an “Eastern Hellenistic” nonprofit multicultural Temple called Opus Aima Obscuræ (OAO). Also trained in Eastern philosophies and Georgian Witchcraft, Raven has been an earth-based practitioner since 1999, a Priest since 2003, a Freemason since 2012, and an empath all of his life. He holds a degree in anthropology from the University of Montana and is also a professional Tarot reader, DJ, small-scale farmer and animal rights advocate.