Spring, 2018

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair


  •  Reiki

  • Vibrational Healing

  • Past life recall

  • Clairaudence & Clairvoyance 

 Many Readers (Psychics) have confirmed that Lucinda is a Natural Born Healer. Her gift as a healer is strongly tied to her gift of  Clairaudence (Spirit Hearing), which developed at an early age. In school, she was often in trouble for daydreaming when she was actually listening to her Spirit Guides and Angels. Her gift of healing is also strongly tied to her gift of Clairvoyance (Spirit Sight). This gift first came to her when she was 8 years old and has grown with her throughout life. In her early teens she began having visions of Past, Future & Present events. She realized she was also gifted with Claircognizance (Access to Universal Knowledge).

Today, she uses all of her Gifts as a Spiritual Counselor, Strong Empath & Intuitive Healer. In a sessions with Lucinda, she can access your Akashic records to compare your past lives with any present life issues, habits or lessons. She can also help you bring about a total multi-dimentional, multiple life-time healing so that you can live free and full in your current life. She is also an Ordained Minister and does Spiritual Counseling, based on current issues & past-life connections. She Teaches & Mentors People through their Ascension Process & re-developing or fine tuning their  psychic skills. Lucinda Feels Blessed & Grateful to Be able to offer her skills to Everyone Seeking to Know & to Move forward & BE Healed. Counselor, Teacher, Energy & Vibrational Healer, Staff Carrier & Crafter, And Catalyst of Change.