Spring, 2018

‚ÄčHamilton Psychic & HealingFair

Carol Croft

  • Aura Photography and interpretation

  • Your aura photo and interpretation will include a view of the aura colors around your head, around your entire body, down both sides of your body and will also show the color and condition of each chakra.

  • You may have guides or people on the other side who may make their presence known in your aura during your reading.

Carol Croft is a natural psychic who grew up seeing and talking to spirits and has been doing aura readings and interpretations for mare than 20 years. Her heritage includes Native American/Blackfoot Indian and Gypsy ancestry. Carol has been practicing earth based spirituality for over 20 years, including performing Cards of Destint readings for more than 15 years. She has worked with the aura camera for the past 2 years and has incorporated this useful tool into her aura readings.