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Due to the continued impact of Covid, the Hamilton Psychic & Healing fair has been postponed. Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

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Exceptional practitioners that are hand selected for their excellence in their field, ranging from tarot readers to mediums, aura photographers to healers and much more, are brought in from across the state of Montana as well as the northwest.  We also strive to bring practitioners in that we have never had in our area before.  Each practitioner has a solid reputation in his/her field.

At Between the Worlds we offer a variety of items for spiritual and knowledge seekers. Our relaxed and friendly store carries books, jewelry, crystals, candles, incenses and oils, the valley's largest apothecary, body jewelry, and so much more, many by local artisans.

We strive to carry a wide variety of goods and products that inspire, move and inform our customers.  Special orders on many items are available.  Stop by our store, or peruse our website, to find out more information about the goods and services we offer.