Fall, 2017

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair

Sara Mich

  • Rose Readings

  • Clairvoyant Healing

  • ​Aura Reading and Healing

  • ​Chakra Reading and Healing

  • ​Soul Purpose Activation

In this wonderful powerful time, as we shift our consciousness into the new paradigm, it is my honor to assist others in breaking down their old patterns, removing blocked or un-serving energy, and ending spiritual contracts and agreements holding them back from attaining ultimate freedom in living their truth. We all chose to be here in this time of awakening and we all serve a purpose. It is my intention working with people to help them realize their true authentic selves and awaken their own divinity.

A Rose Reading will give you insight into how old or new of a soul you are, how closely you are living your truth, past lives currently influencing your current experience, and any spiritual contracts or agreements holding you back from living your truth.

A Clairvoyant Healing gives you the opportunity to clear and heal multi-dimesionally. Its the perfect fit for chronic issues or repeating patterns. You will understand the root of the issue and receive assistance in releasing and healing that which no longer serves you.