Fall, 2017

Hamilton Psychic & HealingFair


Master Reiki Healer
Chakra Attunement
Aura Cleansing

Always being called to the healing arts, Heather underwent training to hone her gifts.  Mastering the sacred art of Reiki came second hand, and along with her compassion and deep spiritual connection, Heather is among the truest of energy healers.  During a session with Heather, she will attune your chakra’s, cleanse your aura, and energetically heal you on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level.  

​ Born in Georgia, Heather entered this world with a mystic veil, also known as a caul.  Caulbearers often have psychic and other supernatural abilities such as seeing ghosts, foretelling the future and make excellent  hands on healers.  Caulbearers were considered “King by Right” because of their leadership and judgement abilities.  In fact, this is one of the reasons Buddhist groups seek out caulbearers when choosing the next Dali Lama.  It is believed that their purpose is to serve mankind, guide people to understand themselves and the world within which we live